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Muttatti is a small village on the banks of river kaveri in kanakpura taluk which is around 100 kms from Bengaluru. While coming from Bengaluru, After kanakpura, one has to take left deviation in sathanur towards muttatti.

 The roads are good all the way till muttatti. You have many fishing camps nearby (cauveri,bheemeshwari,Galibore, doddamakki etc..).
         These being the famous weekend gateway for the people in bangalore, it will be full most of the times and hence you have to book it earlier.
    Muttatti doesn't have anything special except kauveri river. But you can have a nice swim if you know to swim :).
       The Village is not at all clean. You cannot expect a veg decent hotel.The place will be always crowded. People just come there for drinking only. For accomodation you will have to come back to kanakpura.

Route :
Bengaluru ---> Kanakpura ---> Sathnur ---> left deviation ---> Muttatti

members : praveen, ganapati, vasudha, sneha, bharat, prasanna and ravishankar.

went by : bike