KoodalaSangama is a famous pilgrimage centre for the people of  Lingayat faith which is in Bagalkot District. It is around 500 km from Bengaluru. Here the two rivers Krishna and Malaprabha meets here and hence the name Koodalasangama.

             Koodalasangama is associated with the great 12th century poet and reformer Basavanna. The Aikya Mantapa or the holy Samadhi of Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat faith along with a self-born Linga is found here. Earlier the Linga used to get submerged in water in rainy season. Now they have built a beautiful cylindrical structure to avail the 'Darshanam' of the Linga for the devotees in any season.

              Sabhabhavana is a beautiful huge auditorium with a seating capacity of 6000 people at a time. The exquisite doorways on four sides named after Gangambike, Nilambike, Channabasavanna and Akka Nagamma, surround the huge grey dome in the centre. 

            They have carved many beautiful statues of Sivasaranas.

            The Kudala Sangama Development Board takes care of the maintenance and development of this place.

           Food and accomodation are available here. You can visit Almatti dam which is around 15 km from here. You can also cover Badami Aihole and pattadakal which is around 45km from here.

Route :

Bengaluru ---> Tumkur ---> Koodalasangama ---> Sira ---> Hiriyur ---> Chitradurga ---> jagalur ---> Hospet ---> Hungunda ---> Koodalasangama

members : praveen, arun, R i Bhat, S R Bhat

went by : car