Sidlu Mallikarjuna betta is a beautiful hill located at a village near piryapatna called bettadapura which is around 80 km from Mysore. 


    Bettadapura is a small village which contains large number of sankethis. There is one community called Bettadapura sankethi.


     This is cone shaped and has a old temple of lord sidlu mallikarjuna.

It has steps till the top and hence not a tedious trek. It can take around 2 hrs to reach the top. A beautiful spot to see the sunset.


     The wind will be blowing in a very high velocity. The view from the top is tremendous.


    Take water and food since neither food nor accomodation is available at the top. It would be strainful if you climb on a sunny day since no trees are there on the way. it would be good to visit in post monsoon season.




You can visit bhylukoppe and kaveri nisargadhama which are nearby.


route :




members : praveen, subbu, venu, kishor, girish,  hegde, subhash


went by : bike

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