Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) is a reservoir built by Sir.M.Vishweshwaraiah which is serving the water in and around mysore for both domestic and irrigation purposes.  This dam has been constructed without using cement.


   Venugopalaswami Temple

 is situated at the backwaters of KRS which is a very beautiful place to spend an evening. The sunset seen from here is not less beautiful than any view from a beach.


   This temple is being constructed now by relocating the temple which was earlier submerged in the backwaters and was visible only in summer season. The temple was and is being constructed in the Hoysala style of architecture.


     It is in Mandya district around 30 km from Mysore.


      Not much people know about the place, so the place is very calm with very less number of human population.Soon it is going to attract the people in large number.



      If you visit this place just after or in rainy season, it would be really beautiful to see the 3 sides of the temple covered with water. It is a great place to sit alone listening to the sound of water hitting to the bank.


    You can see the KRS dam from here. In the evening the combination of lights put over the dam and its image in the water is a treat for eyes. 




 If you are going by bus, you need to get down at Doddakannambadi ( 5 kms from KRS) and walk a km to reach there.


   You can visit KRS dam which is very well known as brindavan garden. Blue Lagoon temple is another place to visit which is situated at another side of the KRS backwaters which is equally picturesque


   No food is available at the place. Carry your food and enjoy having it in the midst of nature. Please dont leave any plastics in the place and dont throw it into the water too.


route :


Mysore---> KRS ---> Doddakannambadi(a small village) ---> Left deviation ---> Venugopalaswami temple (30 km)


Bengaluru ---> Mandya ---> Melukote ---> Pandavapura ---> Doddakannambadi ---> Venugopalaswami temple (160 km)


members: praveen, nagaraj, ganapati, sahana, rakshitha


went by : bus

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