Blue lagoon is a water place where you can have a fun with friends and family on a nice evening. The backwaters of KRS dam here creating an island looks incredible.


      You can swim in water but be careful while stepping down because it is deep enouh to scare the people who doesnt know swimming.


      The place is situated around 2 km from KRS dam. You take left deviation in a circle which is around 1 or 1 and a half km before KRS dam and reach blue lagoon. The people there are the ideal person to guide you.


           When we had been, 2 village guys asked us money on the way telling that the land which we are going is their land and we need to pay for that. Initially we refused to give but felt pity for them and gave around 30rs. Unfortunately another person near the spot started asking for money telling the same reason. Some how we managed to escape from him. So, be careful.


   Post monsoon and  Early summer would be the ideal time to visit.


   Carry food with you. No food is available there. Please dont leave the plastics there, maintain the place clean.


   Venugopalaswami temple is another place to visit which is situated at another side of the KRS backwaters which is equally picturesque.


route :

Bangalore--->Mysore--->Blue lagoon


members: praveen, vasudha, subbu, shruthi


went by : bike

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