Hampi is a village in North Karnataka, Hospet Taluk, Bellary District .It is around 355 km from Bengaluru. It was the capital of Vijayanagara empire.

         It has famous Viroopaksha(Shiva) temple and hence a relegious centre too inspite of a historical place. All the Ruins are now being maintained by UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural  rganization ).

        Hampi (Hampe in kannnada) which was the capital of Vijayanagara empire from 1336 to 1565 was destroyed by Muslim Sultans. It is situated at the banks of River Tungabhadra.

      If you are interested in knowing about the History and you are an art lover, this is the place for you and minimum of one whole day is requiered to cover all the places. You will find many places every quarter of a mile which has a beautiful historical story behind that place.

     Take a guide and get explained everything. If you are not going by your (or somebody's ) vehicle, you will have to walk alot.

        Better to rent a two wheeler or an auto (pre fixed rate) instead of roaming around Hampi in that hot sun loosing all your energy and interest.

           You will find signboards all over hampi. So, even if you dont take guide, there will not be any problem for you to tell others the places you have covered in Hampi :).

    The Vitthala temple which has musical pillars and hoysala style multigonal base is a beautiful architectural piece.

          Every year Government of Karnataka organizes a festival called Hampi utsava in November.

        The best season to visit hampi is rainy season or early winter. Try to avoid summer. Tungabhadra dam is another place of interest nearby which has a garden and musical fountain. Train is the best option from bengaluru to reach there (Hampi express).

Route :

Bengaluru ---> Tumkur ---> Sira ---> Hiriyur ---> Chitradurga ---> jagalur ---> Hospet ---> Hampi (355 km)

members : praveen, arun, R I Bhat, S R Bhat.

went by    : car