is a famous bird sanctury near Srirangapatna is situated in Mandya district. It is around 30 km from Mysore.


     Even thought the area of the bird sanctury is less, the density of the birds migrationg is very high. You can find

painted storks, spoon bills, white ibises, egrets, herons, partridges and many more species of birds migrating to this place.


    Usually the birds will be in the island. You can reach near there by boat ride available there for a reasonable price and enjoy the closer look of different kinds of birds.



It is the place for bird photographers.


    You have a beautiful, well-maintained, green park all around to sit and enjoy.



     The river here is also home for some crocodiles. You can have a closer look of crocodiles swimming while you are on boat if you are lucky enough like us. . :) 


    Food is available at the place and for accomodation you need to go to mysore or srirangapatna. You need to pay the parking and entry fee which will be collected while entering the bird sanctury itself.


    The best season to visit would be in summer so that you can find many species of birds.


    Srirangapatna is another place which you can visit nearby.


route :


Bangalore---> Mandya--->just after Srirangapatna--->right deviation--->Ranganathittu.


Mysore--->just before Srirangapatna--->left deviation---> Ranganathittu.


Mysore--->KRS road--->toll gate--->right deviation--->Ranganathittu

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