is a small rocky hill which is around 65 km from Bengaluru city. It is in Kolar district.


     Just few kms in the road adjacent to the new bus stand in Kolar will lead you to the bottom of the antargange hill.


     One can reach the top by road also. But it is not a tough trek and hence can be climbed. Around 100 steps from the bottom will take you to a beautiful old temple. The kalyani here is believed to be pure and said that a dip in this water washes the sins. So devotees prefer for a holy dip here.


      Further climbing the hill will take you to the mountain of granular volcanic rocks with few bushes.No big tree is there for you and hence dont expect big shades on the way. The shades of big rocks should help you out if you go on a hot sunny day! 


    The arrangement of non regular rocks have formed a kind of caves all along the way.


    Pack your snacks or food in Kolar itself. one small stall is there at the bottom of the hill. accomodation is available at Kolar.Take enough water.

   Plese dont throw the plastics or glasses at the place. Let the other people too enjoy the pure nature as you enjoyed .!


   Beware of Monkeys. . ! They can grab your food without any fear. (uff!  my socks had become playing kit for monkeys! It was not there when i came back from the temple:) )


is a small village near where beautiful shiva temple with many shivalingas nearing to a crore is there.Hence the name Kotilingeshwara. 'Koti' means 'crore'.


    It is around 28 km from Kolar.





         One big shivalinga is there which is 108ft tall. This shivalinga is tallest of its kind in the world and accompanying it is a 35 ft tall Basava. Photos can be taken in the campus of the temple without any extra fee.


   Famous Kannada movie 'Sri Manjunatha' has been shot here.


    Daily 'Prasadam'(lunch) will be there from 12:30 to 2pm. Food is available outside also. For accomodation you need to come back to Bangarpet or Kolar.


route :



Bengaluru ---> Kolar ---> Bangarpet ---> Kotilingeshwara. (100 km)


went by : bike

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