Hullalli katte is a small picnic spot which is around 15 km from Mysore. It is a small bund built across river Kaveri in a small village called hullalli.


      For the people in mysore this is an ideal place for spending a weekend or an evening with the family and friends.


       The view of the river flowing over the bund is beautiful. You can have a amazing walk on the bund if the water current is not that high and even you can swim and play in water to enjoy the most if you know swimming :).


           No food or accomodation is available at the place. In Hullalli village there are bakeries where you can pack your snacks.Take right deviation before the bridge in hullalli village.


       Ask the local people for the directions who are the best guides.




Mysore--->Manantavadi road--->pinjarapol society--->Left deviation --->Hullalli--->right deviation--->Hullalli katte(15km)


members: praveen, vasudha, subbu, shruthi


went by : bike

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