is a historic place which is around 45 km from Mysore and 185 km from Bengaluru. It is said that talakad once had 30 temples and now they are all burried under the sand. It is on the banks of river Kaveri.


       Talakad houses the imposing temple to

Vaidyeshwara - Shiva.

         The Vaidyeshwara temple is built in the Dravidian style of granite.



     The Vaidyeshsara temple along with four others - Arkeshwara, Vasukishwara or Pataleshwara, Saikateshwara or Maraleshwara and Mallikarjuna constitute the Panchalingams here.


    You better take a guide there for a reasonable rate who will tell very nice stories about the place.


    The river kaveri there is spread over a large area and gives a beautiful view. No much current will be there and hence safe for swimming.


     You will get snacks over there. If you are packing your food, then its well and good, but dont leave the plastics there. !


     Somnathpur and shivanasamudra are the places which can be visited nearby.


route :




Bangalore--->Maddur--->left deviation--->Malavalli--->Talakad


Mysore--->T Narsipur--->Talakad(45 km)


members : praveen, vasudha, lohith, pratibha, ganapati, nagaraj


went by : bike

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