Thirunelly temple is a 3000 year old temple dedicated to lord vishnu.  Thirunelly is a small village in waynad district of Kerala. It lies on kerala side of brahmagiri hill, kodagu. This is 34 km from mananthavadi and around 110 kms from Mysore.


  The location of the temple is so that you will find pure green nature all around. Stream 'papanashini' (destroyer of sins) is near by the temple which forms a small waterfall in rainy season. On the southern side of the temple there is a pond called 'panchateertha' where five rivers used to meet. In the summer the pond will be dried up. On the centre of the pond a stone slab containing imprint vishnu's feet is there.



 The temple is also called as southern Kashi. The road near the temple is good and you can enjoy the ride with green all around.

          Food is available at the spot. You will not get any vegetarian hotel once you enter kerala. You have a uduppi hotel and some shops are there near the temple. For good accomodation its better to drive to mananthavadi or kabini river lodge.     

     Nagarahole, iruppu falls, tholpetty wildlife sanctury, kuruva island are the other places of interest nearby.


    The thirunelly-HD Kote road is too bad to drive. After 6 pm they will not allow you to drive inside the national park  (forest). We had a problem in coming back since   it was  6:30pm by the time we reached the checkpost. 

Route :

Bengaluru ---> Mysore ---> Hunsoor ---> Nagarahole ---> Kutta ---> Thirunelly temple(260km)


Bengaluru  —> Mysore ---> HD Kote ---> Bavali ---> Kattikulam ---> Thirunelly temple (260 km)

members : Praveen, Keerthi, Vasudha, subbu, Chethan, Varna, Pankaj, Shreelakshmi

went by : jeep

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