This is a beautiful stream of River Arkavati falling from a considerable height giving spectacular
view. It is around 90 km from Bengaluru.

The place is surrounded by huge granular rocks. You have to park your vehicle half a km away
and walk till the falls.

         If you go bit further parallel to the valley, there is another stream falling into the valley
which is very beautiful.The water fall will be real treat for eyes if you visit in rainy season.


          It is a beautiful place for swimming if you know swimming. Because the water is very deep. Be careful of the rocks inside the water which can damage your parts.

This river arkavati will join kaveri river in a place called Sangama also called as Mekedatu.

       Bilikallu Rangaswami Betta and Mekedatu are the places nearby to visit. Meditation centre
Pyramid valley and Sri Ravishankar guruji's 'Art of Living' ashrama are on the way from Bengaluru to kanakpura.

Route :

Bengaluru ---> Kanakapura ---> Left turn (5 kms before Mekedatu)---> chunchi falls

members : Praveen, Hitesh, Mahesh, Santhosh, Mallanna, Sunil, Ravi, Preetham

went by : Bike