is a village in Uttara Kannada (North Canara) district. It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre as well as a famous tourist destination. It is around 450 km from Bengaluru.



Gokarna, meaning cow's ear in Sanskrit as the ear shape is formed by the confluence of two rivers to form the town. The place gets its name from the local legend that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow.


    It is located at the meeting point of the two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini.


      Mahabaleshwara Temple

, the temple of hindu Lord Shiva is the main temple of Gokarna where you can find Atma lingam of Shiva. 


The town is also famous for 4 beaches. Kudle, Om, Half-moon and paradise beaches. Kudle and Om beaches are famous and attracts large number of tourists where as the other two are remote and expected to have less human population comparitively.


     You can find large number of foreigners here.


      Shivaratri is the main festival here.Now the Gokarna is maintained by Sri Ramachandrapur math, Hosanagara.


     The beaches are beautiful place for spending an evening. It is safe for swimming in kudle beach.  Any season is good for visiting.


    You can hire auto or taxi in Gokarna to go to Om beach. Show your Bargaining skills. It will work out. The way to Om beach is very scenic.


   Food and accomodations are available.


route :


Bengaluru--->Tumkur--->Shimoga--->Sagar--->Honnavar--->Gokarna(450 km)


members : praveen , subbu


went by : bike

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