This is a fort built by Tippu suiltan which is around 6 km from Sakleshpur. It is at a

height of 3420 ft above the sea level. 

    It is said that the fort is Covered by fog most of the times and hence it is named as

'Manjarabad'. In kannada 'manju' means 'fog. The local taluka headquarters is still known

by this name despite the town being renamed Sakleshpur.

     It is not worth going till there just to see this fort. It is good enough to go once 

when you visit sakleshpur or nearby. The fort is constructed using stones and lime mortar

in a 8 pointed star shape with a huge mout('kandaka' in kannada) all around.It is also believed that there is a tunnel that connects the Manjarabad Fort to another fort in Srirangapattana near Mysore. 

     Sakleshpur is a beautiful place which is cool, green and filled all the sides by the 

mountains of western ghats. It is a trekkers' paradise. walking through the railway track 

from sakleshpur to subramanya, also known as 'green route trekking' is very famous.

    Since it is very near to the city, one need not have to worry about the food and accomodation. sakleshpur to hassan road is too good to drive.

Route :

Bangalore ---> Hassan ---> Sakleshpur

Members : Praveen, Subramanya, Bharat, vasudha, sneha, keerthi and Anusha.

went by : jeep