Karighatta is a small hill station which is around 20 km from Mysore. In kannada 'kari ghatta' means 'black hill'.


         One beautiful temple of hindu god Vishnu called 'karigirivasa' is situated at the top. From the top you can have a beautiful view of Srirangapatna as well as Mysore. River Kaveri and Lokapavani can be seen. These two rivers meet at sangama, srirangapatna.

            A best place to spend an evening with friends and family

        Even thought the road is not good to the top, its thrilling with hair pin curves.


      You can cllimb the hill through steps. The hill is accessible from the other side of the bank of river lokapavani at nimishamba temple, srirangapatna

  No food is available at the top. Nearest point where you can get the food is Srirangapatna.


      You can climb a small hill beside the karighatta from the temple where a mobile tower is there from where the view is still better. You can have snacks you have braught. Please dont leave the plastics there.


      You can visit mahadevapura and gende hosalli which are nearby.

  route :

Bangalore--->just before Srirangapatna--->right deviation--->2 to 3 kms--->left deviation--->karighatta


Mysore--->just after Srirangapatna--->right deviation--->2 to 3 kms--->left deviation--->karighatta


members : praveen, subbu, vasudha,varna,saumya


went by : bike

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