Chikdevammana Betta is a small yet beautiful hillock near Saraguru, HD KoTe (Heggada Devana KoTe) taluk,  Mysore District. It is at around  65 kms from Mysore.

            Chikdevamma is the name of the godess on the top of the hill and hence the name Chikdevammana betta. Devotees around the Saragur and HD kote visit often to the place. The scenery from the top is just amazing. you wil be able to see a dam in the midst of thick greenery.

          From Mysore on the way to HD kote, just 2 km befor HD Kote you will find a circle where you need to take left to go to Saragur and then to the hill. The road till that circle is good. But while heading towards the hill, it will get worse. 

         Bus facility is not there till the spot. But you can reach by bike and jeep. Taking there car woul not be that good idea.

Route :

Bengaluru--->Mysore--->HD Kote Circle--->Left Deviation--->Saragur--->Chikdevamman betta (210 km)

members : praveen, subbu, vasudha, prashanth, anusha, shyama

went by : jeep