Madagada Kere also known as Masur lake and Kenchammana Kere is a beautiful huge lake in a place called Madaga near Masur, Hirekerur Taluk. It is around 350 km from Bengaluru.

           This place has a beautiful story behind its formation. The name Kenchammana Kere came from that only. It is said that the lake will not be dried up in any season. Two temples are there at the place One in the middle of the lake and another one on the banks of the lake.

              The place is very scenic and calm. One small yet beautiful and roaring falls is there which is the outlet of this lake. To have a look at the full majesty of the falls, you need to visit the place in rainy season. The place is 2 km from the main road till where you can reach by bus. One arch is there welcoming you to the madagada lake.

           No food or any shops are available at the spot. Pack your food in advance and while coming back please dont leave the plastic covers there. The place is green and clean as of now.


Route :

Bengaluru ---> Ranibennuru ---> Halageri ---> Rattihalli ---> Masur ---> Madagada Kere (350km)

members : praveen, R I Bhat, S R Bhat, Arun.

went by : car