Merthi gudda or merthi parvatha is a beautiful hill-station near Sringeri and is situated in c hikmagalur district. It is around 260 km away from Bengaluru.

       It is the highest peak in the range from where one can have a beautiful panoramic view of surrounding forest, mountains, streams and villages. the trek is bit tricky and the plantations are very slippery. I Suggest not to try this in monsoon season.

      The best time to visit is post monsoon and this being a naxlite area, you have to have a localite with you. It lies in the Merthi-khan estate.

Sringeri, Sirimane falls and Kundadri hills are the nearby places to visit.

    There is a house in a village called arehalla where one can get food, accomodation and a guide also. Merthi gudda is around 15km from this place. If you want any more information contact Subramanya : 9986516471

Bengaluru ---> Hassan ---> Chikamagalur ---> Gadikallu --->  Merthi khan estate ---> Merthi gudda

members : Subbu, Praveen, Giridhar, Adwin, Prasanna, kranthi, Vasudha, Smitha, Shwetha, Santhosha,Mahesha, mallanna and Trupti.

Went by : bus till gadikallu, jeep till the base and trek