Bilikallu Rangaswami Betta is a small hill located near Kanakapura.

                 It is around 60 kms from Bengaluru. It will be more fun if you go by bike. The drive all along from Kanakpura to the top of the hill is thrilling.


                Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition and can take some stress :).

At the top there is a less maintained temple rather a temple which expects less maintainance
is situated which is dedicated to Rangaswami. Hence the hilloc called Bilikallu Rangaswami
Betta. This should not be confused with Biligiri Ranganatha swami betta which is famously
called as BR Hills.

    The temple is beneath a huge rock. The location is good enough to go in a group and enjoy a bit.
        Rocks have been painted well to look as elephant. The view from the top is beautiful. One can enjoy a cool breeze without any disturbance of dust and smoke of the city. Any time expect rainy season is a good time to visit. It's also a good trekking place for beginners

The roads are good till the foot of the hill. The rest is enjoyable :)

        Mekedatu and chunchi falls are the nearby places one should not miss. It is a day trip from
Bengaluru to cover all the three.

Route : Bengaluru ---> Kanakpura ---> ask any localate to Bilikallu Rangaswami betta.

members : Praveen, Hitesh, Mahesh, Santhosh, Mallanna, Sunil, Ravi, Preetham

went by : Bike