This is a beautiful waterfall which is also called as Lushington falls situated in thickets of the Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats which is around 400+ km from Bangalore.It is in Siddapura taluk of North Canara District.


        It is 30kms from Sirsi and 35kms from Siddapura. Here river 'Aghanashini' running through thick woods makes a spectacular waterfall splashing down. The ksrtc buses will go up to a place called Heggarani. From Heggarani it is few kilometers walk.

 'Agha' means sin. 'Aghanashini' means one who washes all your sins. 'paapanashini'.


     One small stall is there near the falls where you can get water, juice, tea and all. There is a viewpoint from where you can enoy the river Aghanshini falling from a height of around 116 m.


    You can go to the bottom of the waterfall but a higher risk.

     Yana is a place which is the place of interest nearby.

Route :

Bangalore--->Shimoga--->Sagara--->Siddapura--->Heggarini--->Unchalli falls (400 + km)


members : praveen, subbu


went by : bike